Jon Sisti

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Jon Sisti's entry into the real estate profession 30 years ago stemmed from Jon's love of Hoboken and his belief then, as now, that the town holds great opportunities. From that personal perspective, Jon started in real estate in its early days, when offices consisted of a handful of agents and a lot of vision. “I had been coming to Hoboken during my college years. Even then, in the late 70s and early 80s, there had been talk of waterfront development, and it seemed inevitable that change was coming to Hoboken. I wanted to be part of that, to be able to help clients to take full advantage of a renaissance market, and to help shape in some small way the results of that evolution.” Thirty years later, Jon is still excited about the opportunities he sees in Hoboken and its neighboring cities.


What keeps him interested after all these years? “I genuinely enjoy the practice of real estate -- every day, a new question from an agent, a new issue on a transaction, a new challenge to solve for our clients.


Over three decades, Jon has seen significant changes in the real estate industry – from evolutions in regulatory and lending practices to the advent of the Internet and its immense impact on how properties are marketed and sold. “It’s a different industry than when I first started. Local lenders, for example, have given way to large commercial banks. And many small, local agencies either disappeared or were taken over by national brands.